Barrage Barrel FAQs


1. What is a Barrage Barrel™?
A Barrage Barrel™ is simply an adapter barrel for existing paintball markers. It uses the air-power of your paintball marker to propel other objects, namely .177 cal. BBs and pellets, 6mm airsoft pellets and other nifty items. It is an extremely cheap way to practice your paintball skills, to have some target practice and to plink!

2. How does it work?
Through some clever engineering and much testing, a Barrage Barrel™ reduces the bore diameter of your paintball marker in order to focus the power of the air charge on a smaller object.

3. Do I have to modify my Paintball Marker in any way?
NO! A Barrage Barrel™ is designed to replace your existing barrel with no modifications whatsoever. NOTE: some markers require that you leave the paint hopper on the gun.

4. I only see Barrage Barrels™ threaded for Spyder type markers. Can I use a Barrage Barrel™ on my Tippmann or Autococker?
YES! All the Barrage Barrel™ models currently in production are threaded for Spyder threaded guns only all other models will require an after market thread adapter. You can purchase a Tippmann , Autococker, Impulse
or other Thread Adapter here on our website 

5. Does the a Barrage Barrel™ have any moving parts?
NO. There are no moving parts to wear out.

6. Won’t BBs or airsoft 6mm balls roll back into my marker and damage it?
NO. All Barrage Barrels™ have anti-rollback features built in.

6a. Will BBs roll out of the barrel if I point it down?
No. All Barrage Barrels™ have a mechanism to prevent ammo from being prematurely dislodged during rigorous normal use.

7. How fast does it shoot?
Since all Barrage Barrels™ attach to your marker they will shoot, in general, as fast as you can pull the trigger. Ammo feed is limited by gravity and thus in some electronic markers you can may be able to fire faster than the ammo can fall into the breach. A conservative estimate is 5-6 bps.

8. What is the velocity of the BB’s?
Barrage Barrel™ will fire at an average 360fps for steel BBs and 175 to 475fps for the Airsoft 6mm balls. Pretty good considering it has a short 10 inch effective barrel. Since this velocity is close to paintballs and can be adjusted to match, it makes a good training tool given proper care and location.

9. Can I regulate the velocity (fps) of the BBs?
YES! All you have to do is adjust the velocity screw on your marker just like when you’re playing paintball.

10. Should I ever shoot a .177 cal Barrage Barrel™ at anyone?
NO! .177 cal. Barrage Barrels™ must not be shot at people as serious injury may result. Consult all directions for use and warnings included with your Barrage Barrel™ before using.

11. Should I ever shoot an Airsoft Barrage Barrel™ at anyone?
With much caution. While the velocities can be reduced using your velocity screw on your marker, you may not be able to reduce the velocity to safe levels. The airsoft variants of Barrage Barrel™ can fire with velocities of 475fps. This is not safe for normal close in airsoft play. It is highly suggested that you check the velocity with a chronograph. As always, PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK & AIM FOR SAFTEY!

12. Why does my marker begin to frost up after I fire a lot of ammo using CO2?
On some markers not all of the CO2 escapes through the barrel when fired. As a result some of the gas must come out through the paint-gun’s feed port. Generally, only prolonged rapid fire causes frosting to occur.

13. What should I do when my marker frosts up? Will it harm my gun?
If your gun begins to frost up, stop firing and let it warm up. Failure to do so may give you frost burns. The passage of CO2 around some of the o-rings in your marker may cause them to loose their effectiveness. This is similar to taking a tank off a marker and the o-ring turns white from cold preventing it from working properly. We advise you to let your marker warm up and then fire a little slower.

14. How many BBs does the hopper hold?
The hopper that comes with a .177 cal BB Barrage Barrel™ holds about 140 shots, the Airsoft 6mm version 60.

15. I have lost the metal cap for my ammo hopper; can I replace it with anything that fits?
NO. Serious injury may result if the metal cap is not used. A significant pressure develops within the hopper and any other cap may fail when used. Order a replacement.

16. Can I dry fire a paintball marker without damaging it?
Yes. Dry firing a marker will only submit it to normal wear and tear. It should not damage any marker that is maintained properly.

17. Can I use a Barrage Barrel on a closed bolt marker?
Barrage Barrels™ have not yet been tested on closed bolt guns. However, they should operate fine. For right now though, we have to say USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, both for yourself and your marker.

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